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My Story

I grew up in Lenexa, Kansas playing multiple sports.  When I was younger I played  hockey, baseball, basketball, football, and golf.  I loved the competition and the challenge sports gave me.


 After my sophomore year in high school, I started to receive interest from colleges as a pitcher. I quickly turned my focus solely on baseball and earned a scholarship to  the University of Oklahoma.    


Things were going great at college and I was loving the college baseball life.  I was getting ready to start the season and live out a childhood dream of playing in my first Division 1 game.  We were preparing for our season to start in one week when I received the most difficult phone call that I could ever imagine.

On February 9th, 2016 I learned one of my closest friends, Conner had committed suicide.  That day has changed my life forever.  I went through many ups and downs trying to make sense of his death.  I wanted to know why he didn't ask me to help him.  What could I have done to change his mind?   I couldn't sleep at night, I quit hanging out with my friends, and ultimately lost the love for baseball.  I  blamed myself, thinking I could have stopped him.  


I finally went to talk to my coaches and told them how I was feeling and I couldn't figure out how to make the hurt go away.    My coaches and teammates told me I didn't have to go through this alone.  Now I am here to make sure no one goes through this alone. Grief is tough but when I asked for help it was a huge release for me.  It was not a sign of weakness but a sign of STRENGTH!   I was learning how to deal with this deep pain and grief the correct way.   I want everyone to know they are important by spreading positivity and hope through our actions and our words.  

On June 5, 2018, I was drafted in the 8th round by the Houston Astros.  In my first season in Minor League Baseball I was named to the All-star team and helped our team win the New York-Penn League World Series. 

I made it through this very difficult time and I stand as an example to keep fighting, ask for help and never give up.   As athletes we care and are here to spread positivity and hope to all those who are struggling.  

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